Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thrifty fun

This weekend B and Yaya went to B's hometown for Living History Day (a post on that coming later, probably tomorrow) so Mr. Man and I were free to go to thrift stores and garage sales with L. I think I did pretty well, much better than I usually do.

I bought a little basket for the Wii remotes and accessories. They had a bunch and I forgot about the wheel, so I chose this one for 78 cents. It lives on the top shelf so you don't see the wheel that much anyway.

This was at a garage sale in the nice part of town. To be honest, these places are very hit and miss--sometimes they have really nice older stuff, but sometimes it's just Home Interiors and JCPenney. I hit a good one and got this bed for $15. It's in the basement waiting with a chair to be stripped and restained.

It was really the pineapple knobs that sold me on it.

Last but not least, The Lamp. I think he needs a name, but something exotic. Bob will not do.

As close as L and I could figure it's an Asian male ballet dancer either rising from the sea or flames. How could I not buy that? $6 at Goodwill. I hardly ever find anything decent at Goodwill (besides books and jeans) but I think I hit the jackpot. Please ignore the crappy lampshade, I just wanted to see if that enormous drum shade worked with the lamp or if it covered up his luscious orange hair.

I texted B a picture of the lamp from the store, but he was less than impressed. When he got home and saw it, he said "Is this it?" I said yes, and he said "OK, I take it back. That is pretty awesome." I definitely concur.

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  1. The lamp reminds me of the Leg Lamp from the best movie ever made - A Christmas Story.

    Pretty sure your lamp needs to be called Li Cunxin -- aka Mao's Last Dancer