Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time to par-tay

I'm still in shock that I got everything done for the boys' birthday party Saturday. The theme was Batman (it started out as Lego Batman, but thankfully I convinced him to go with Batman Classic--Lego Batman decor is impossible to find and there's not much in the way of homemade ideas either. B took the pictures, so they're a bit skimpy. Oh well, we were too busy having fun to worry about it.

I made a Batman garland that will live in Yaya's Batman-themed room whenever I get around to taking it down from the kitchen ceiling.

I also made bat-shaped cookies, finally using one of the cutters from the giant tub of animal-shaped cookie cutters I got from Hobby Lobby forever ago. (Next up: the squirrel.) The cake was just a plain sheet cake with the happy birthday stuff written in the same comic book font that was on their invitations. Everything was frosted with delicious cream cheese frosting and tinted white, yellow or black.

For games we did Red Light, Green Light (which I, embarrassingly, did not know how to play) and "stomp the villains," which the kids loved. B filled the balloons with candy and I drew on the names of different Batman villains. Mr. Freeze had icicles coming from his name, the Joker was written in a funny font with a giant smile, the Mad Hatter had a top hat on his M, etc. L pointed out that I should have made the P in Penguin into an umbrella. I wish I'd remembered he carried an umbrella but all I could think of was a monocle and a cigarette. I don't think the kids noticed the names at all, though.

Then it was time to open presents. Mr. Man, surprisingly, was into it. Until he saw the gifts, then he didn't care. L's one-year-old got to open some gifts after Mr. Man got distracted.

You can kind of see the capes I made in some of the pictures--I made ten superhero capes with broadcloth I bought on sale for 99 cents a yard (two capes to a yard). They were pretty easy, just a zigzag around the edge and some precut Velcro on the tables. I used the tute at Puking Pastilles to get an idea of where to start, then just winged it the rest of the way. No emblems on mine--I didn't think I had time (I was right) and superheroes don't usually have emblems on their capes. I am all about accuracy in my superhero costumes. The kids got to take the capes home as part of their favors; the other part was a Batman coloring book made of coloring pages I found online with a 24-pack of crayons tied on with a black ribbon.

So there you have it! The kids had fun, there was no down time, and everybody went home happy.

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