Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You say it's your birthday

This is not actually a birthday post, because I really don't have much to say about my birthday other than it's today and I'm the big 2-8. It's happening RIGHT NOW. We have no fun plans, other than me going to bed at 7 when B gets home because I have a sinus infection and feel like crap.

What this post is REALLY about is my living room. My clean (for now) living room. Quick side note: there is screaming coming from Yaya's room. I'm going to ignore it and keep blogging. He'll probably be out to yell at me soon because I'm sure whatever it is is my fault. It always is.

Anyway, I finished my Holiday Grand Plan checklist for the living room, only three days late. Which isn't bad considering I basically skipped most of it last week in favor of getting ready for the boys' party. I do still have to touch up the baseboard paint, but I'm saving that for when I do the same to the foyer.

Here is the living room before:

It took me a tiny bit longer to finish than it should have because of a certain young man.

Thank you for picking up the toys so I could dump them out again, Mommy.
And look! My remote control car and the remote! I shall go put them into the dog water dish!

Annnd after:

We got whatever part we needed for the fancy schmancy cable computer (B: "It's a HOME THEATER PC!") so B moved his computer stuff back to the basement, where all computer stuff belongs. I had been asking him to test a different coax cable to see if there was one that wouldn't angle across the wall like that and he said there wasn't. Guess what. The cable that's roughly three times longer that we no longer need because we no longer have cable? It works. Not that it really looks much better, but I like being right. Eventually we'll install an electric and cable outlet behind the TV, but who knows when that will happen.

Also, can I just say that I really dislike this room. Hate is too strong a word. Dislike might be too strong a word, too, but it just makes me feel...bleh. It's barren and boring. I have plans, but they are hindered both by money and the odds that Mr. Man will break/tear apart whatever I put in there. In that order.

Tomorrow I move on to the foyer. I may or may not actually move on to the foyer, because all that really needs to be done there is paint and I don't feel like it. There's too much pressure in my head.

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