Friday, October 8, 2010

Bedroom after, a few weeks late

Progress in the Holiday Grand Plan has slowed, kind of. I think I was supposed to be working on the boys' rooms this week but I cleaned the basement instead. I'll work on their rooms tomorrow--B did do a little of it tonight by putting Yaya's bed frame in Mr. Man's.

I did finish the master bedroom on time (full disclosure: I didn't clean out the closet, I'll do that when I decide on an organization system) but I've just been too lazy to take pictures until now.

What it looked like before, which I apparently never posted about. View from the door:

The bed:

Closet area:

From the bed:

I'm not entirely sure how we even slept in here. Our room is the room where stuff gets thrown to be dealt with later and to be hidden from the kids, plus it is laundry headquarters. Yay for multitasking bedrooms.

After, from the door. Pretend that there's a tablecloth on the side table. I have one somewhere but I can't find it and I keep forgetting to pick one up when I go out.

I switched the bookcase and dresser around because I have a peacock chair that will eventually go in that corner. There's an outlet on that wall so I needed something smaller that could be slid over to make more room in the corner.

The dresser area. Next to it is my bag with sewing projects and sheets that Hammy has chewed holes in that need to be fixed. Or thrown away. When I put them over there I was leaning toward option A but option B is starting to look good.

The bathroom's done too but it's exactly the same as the before, so these are the before pictures again. Eventually I'll paint the bathroom and do something to the floor, but right now it's staying the way it is.

Now I just have to secretly throw away all the toys that are taking over the house.

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