Sunday, October 10, 2010

Get it in gear

Totally unrelated to this post: my house smells like burning leaves right now because all the windows are open. I LOVE the smell of burning leaves. Confession: that smell is why Halloween is my favorite holiday. That, and getting to look into people's windows and see how they decorate when I take the kids trick-or-treating.

Actual relevant stuff, kind of: I need a kick in the butt. I will have to talk to B about this because he's good at those, but feel free to join in. I swore that this year I'd have the boys' Halloween costumes done ahead of time--ideally I would have been putting the finishing touches on them this weekend. Instead this is what I have.

Do you love the piles of junk in my basement? Boards are a project waiting to be done, as is that partially painted green piece that's got a bunch of junk piled on it.

Mr. Man will be a Ghostbuster. He needs a costume that doesn't cover his face or hands and doesn't have a bunch of junk on it. The pressure of the proton pack will probably help him stay calm, or that's what I hope. I have his jumpsuit cut out, but the most time consuming part of his will be the proton pack and the patches. Yaya will be Luke Skywalker in...whatever the second movie is. Empire Strikes Back? I think that's it. White robe, brown pants, blue lightsaber. Not difficult. Those are his pants in the picture; the robe is already cut out. The hardest part of his costume will be the boots but only because I'm a perfectionist. If I were really pressed for time I could wrap Ace bandages around his legs and get the look I need.

What am I doing instead of this? Laying in bed. Blogs don't read themselves, you know. I did wax Yaya's bed this weekend, it just needs to be buffed. Tomorrow I'm goign to buff it and move it upstairs while they're at school. Then I'm going to tie Mr. Man's mattress and boxspring to his bedframe because I'm a mean mommy and don't like all this sleeping under a twin mattress stuff. It's all fun and games until you suffocate to death. The mattress is against the wall tonight, so no Giles Corey pressing deaths here.

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  1. Haha blogs don't read themselves!

    I can't believe you're making all these yourself - extremely impressed. Pin cushions on a table means half-way there to me!

    (And thanks for your vote the other day btw!)