Sunday, October 3, 2010

I have no sense of direction, either

I'm always surprised when I come here and it's been two weeks since I last posted. I thought it had been maybe four days. I know that I have a terrible sense of time, though, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. I just always thought it was a short term issue--if you ask me to tell you when five minutes has passed, I'll either tell you after two minutes or twenty minutes.

I have been doing things around here. Not as many things as I should be doing, and probably not the right things, but things are being done. Tonight I cut out part of the boys' Halloween costumes--I still need to cut out Yaya's pants, and Mr. Man's costume is basic but involves lots of fiddly accessories. I'd like to say I would have done more tonight, but I'd be lying. I was bored and I had to take a break to watch SNL with B and throw popcorn to the animals. We made the dogs do tricks for it but we're not so delusional as to expect a performance out of the cat.

I am not really technically behind on my holiday plan. Mostly. I have to clean the closet in the bathroom out today or I will be, but I don't know if I will. The whole taking everything out, throwing some things away, planning what type of storage I need, going to the store, buying the containers and putting them in place just all seems beyond my mental capabilities right now. I did unpack the box that I shoved in the bottom of the closet in June, so there's that. And I threw some stuff away but probably not enough. I'll get to it. It's not packed full so I'm willing to let that one rest.

Next up on the list is kid bedrooms. Mr. Man's will be easy; he doesn't have anything in there. Yaya's, however...

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