Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ho ho ho

Birthdays are done, Halloween is over. I made the terribly difficult decision to put the Holiday Grand Plan on hiatus. Now I'm ready to focus on Christmas. I'm trying to do mostly handmade this year, as I try every year, but I'm hoping that two months will be enough time to get it done.

Here's my full list. I reserve the right to change any and all of it at any time, and I'm kind of starting to wonder about B's gift. Which, by the way, has been on my "Christmas/Birthday Gift List" for him for at least four years.

Yaya: For the big gift, I'll hopefully be finishing the third piece to the play kitchen. I've also been sewing felt food. He wants the Toy Story 3 Talking Woody from Wal-Mart and I'll make him a stenciled T-shirt. I still need to decide what to put on the shirt.

Mr. Man: Play kitchen and felt food. He's also getting a quiet book and a stenciled T-shirt, design undecided. I had originally wanted to finish his dollhouse, but that's not happening. I will finish it before I start back up with the remodeling in the spring, though.

B: Right now my plan is to make him a Mario felt board, since we are nerdy children of the '80s. That may be a bit involved; I'll have to see where I'm at in a few weeks. Whether or not I make the Mario felt board he'll get a Conando T-shirt. Like this one, except adult size.

My mom: My siblings and I are redoing her kitchen for her Christmas gift (although Mom has already said she'd rather it be done after Christmas, so I'd like for it to be done by her birthday at the end of January). I'm going to make an idea board just so she has something concrete.

My dad: I found a DVD of Westerns for him, but I'd like to buy him something else. He's always asking for practical gifts like work gloves or for us to go together and buy him new Carharts. Bo-ring. But I'll probably give in and buy the work gloves. He's diabetic, otherwise he'd be getting cookies and stuff.

We don't do sibling gifts, just gifts for the younger kids. The second generation, if you will. Yaya drew Lils (two years old now, where does the time go?) and Mr. Man drew Moogs. (16! 16! She is way too young to be 16. She's actually halfway to 17.)

Lils: An outfit made of a top, pants and a cropped jacket, maybe. I want this fabric for the pants and surprise surprise, none of the local stores carry it. I'm still on the fence about spending $14 for one yard of $7 a yard fabric.

Moogs: A wristlet purse copied from one I designed a couple years back. Probably with a gift card inside, because she is 16.

Teachers: I have (I think) six teachers to craft for. Yaya has one, and then Mr. Man has a teacher and three or four paraprofessionals/aides. They're all getting the same thing, I think. Tote bags, Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls, hot/cold rice packs, notes or drawings from the kids, painted ornaments from the kids and possibly cookies, depending on how I feel when all that's done. And if anything more will fit in the bag.

So there we have it. I have one (almost two) tote bags finished, two more completely cut out and partially sewn, two more cut out but not sewn and I need linings for two of them. Two pages of the eight page quiet book are partially sewn, although I'm having a lot of trouble finding beads shaped like cars to finish them. The play kitchen will be the worst; I'll have to enlist B to make me do it. As soon as I find a suitable sink.

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  1. Holy crap - that's quite a list! Did I read that properly - the play kitchen involves design decisions as well? Ahaha.

    I've decided I'm not leaving my apartment until mid-December so as to avoid Christmas music until I deem it acceptable.

    Good luck my friend, tallyho!