Monday, November 15, 2010


I've always thought that we got lucky with Mr. Man, as lucky as one can get with autism. He makes eye contact, his sensory issues are moderate, he communicates most of the time, he can tell you what he wants if he knows what it is, he can follow one-step directions, so on and so forth. Granted, these things took lots of therapy, but they're here and I'm immensely grateful for that.

Normally what happens with him is he'll gain some skills and then plateau for a while. Which is fine; however fast it goes, it's good that he's gaining and keeping his skills. When he's in a gaining period a lot of stuff seems to happen at once. Lately he's been repeating speech (echolalia) and being a lot more specific in his communications. He wants a glass of water with one or two ice cubes (and yes, he will specify). He wants to play on the slide. He wants to go to Wal-Mart or Grandma's house. It's so nice knowing what he wants. When he doesn't know, he'll cry and say "what's the matter?" while you comfort him. His fine motor skills are improving too--he'll build things with Yaya's small Legos and tell you what they are. I'm still working on convincing B that it's a good idea to let him play with the Legos, even if some of them end up underfoot. Although to be honest, Mr. Man is neater than Yaya and will pick up most of his messes on a good day.

He's also been a lot more willing to be held. He asks for hugs and kisses. Today he walked up to Yaya and gave him a hug; it was adorable and amazing.

The biggest thing, at least for me, was today. He was hungry after naptime and I made him a snack. I handed it to him and he said "Thanks, Mommy," and walked off.

He never calls me Mommy.

I cried.