Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My first blog award

Well, color me surprised. I got an award! Rhiannon at Collections from my Heart has given me the Stylish Blogger Award. I am incredibly flattered, Rhiannon!

So here's a quick rundown of the rules.

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave you the award. I linked her above, but here it is again--many thanks to Rhiannon at Collections from my Heart!

2. Share seven things about yourself. Definitely the hardest part, but I did my best and darn it, that's good enough for me.

3. Link to 15 other great bloggers. See below!

Here goes step two, Seven Things About Me:

1. I have a love-hate relationship with sleep. I hate to go to sleep. I love to be asleep. I hate to get up in the morning. (Bed so warm and cozy; do the kids really need to eat and be supervised?) I love to get up in the morning. (Yay! I don't have to waste any more time sleeping. I can do something worthwhile, like catch up on old blog posts!) I hate going to sleep because I feel like it's a waste of time. I cannot even tell you how many nights I've been trying to get to sleep and thinking petulantly about how I wished I didn't need to sleep because sleep is so stupid. Stupid sleep, I hate it. Wah. But at the same time, there is no place I would rather be on a day with inclement weather. (Inclement weather being a chilly breeze in my book, but there is something just sleep-inducing about rain.)

2. My blog title is an MST3K quote. To be honest, I wanted “Normal View.” If you've seen the MST3K movie you know what I'm talking about. But Normal View was taken by a photography blog, so I settled for Must Add Fabric Softener. So, you know, if the title seems weird and random, that's because it kind of is.

3. I created my first website in 1998. It was a fan site and that's all I'll say about that.

4. I love living in the midwest and would never move, but I hate winter. Maybe I just need a vacation home somewhere. I also hate heat and humidity, so it might take me a while to find something. Northern California? Now I just need to win the lottery.

5. Speaking of the lottery, I buy a ticket almost every week. I don't expect to win, but I love to play and imagine what I'd do with the money.

6. I would love to live on a farm, although I'm more into the grow your own vegetables thing than I am the grow your own meat thing. B tells me we aren't country people, but I really want to live somewhere where I can't see people for hundreds of yards, if not miles.

7. I am a horrible procrastinator. I am a big believer in the Mark Twain saying/philosophy "eat the frog"--eat a frog first thing in the morning and the rest of your day can only get better; in other words do the thing you're least looking forward to first thing in the morning and the rest of the day will be cake. It's easier said than done, though. I think I'm getting better but I have a long way to go.

Now for the people I'm going to tag (step three). I don't know if I can get 15, but I'll try.

Rebecca at Older and Wisor. My first experience with another mother of a child with autism.

Lana at I Love My Five Kids. Love the adventures in remodeling and the adventures in parenting.

Katie at Bower Power. She's adorable and has an adorable family, plus her sense of style is amazing.

June at Bye Bye, Pie! I love June and she's hysterical, but I'll be honest: I'm only tagging her because she'll either love it or she'll be really annoyed. I'm happy either way.

Jessica at Chirky. I love reading about her life and her daughter Rayah.

Megan at Crafty Intentions. She's an amazing crafter renovating her old house, and she's also a new mother.

Heidi at Hadleyesque. Snarky and witty, she's a great read.

Katie at On the Banks of Squaw Creek is another Iowa mom. It's so fun to read about her life as a farmer's wife, mom and teacher.

I could probably come up with more, but my kids are complaining about being hungry and "I'm blogging" just isn't cutting it for them. Pfft.


  1. Thanks for the award!

    I loved reading all your random infos....I had to look up mst3k. lol I have a LOVE relationship with sleep. I adore it. All the time. I think this comes from having an undiagnosed-for-years low thyroid.

  2. Ahh...thank you! You made my day! Awards are awesome for a very tired overworked Mommy who needs chocolate!

    Blessings to you!
    Lana @ ilovemy5kids

  3. I made number one? Sa-weet!!

    I wish I could agree with you on the sleep thing, but alas: I'd rather be sleeping than doing almost anything else. For my birthday, I got to do *whatever* I wanted, which means I spent 75% of it in bed. By myself. Yipee!!

  4. i totally had to google mst3k! it was great to get to know more about you! and when you win the lottery forget cali come to hawaii!