Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Christmas post

So how was your Christmas? I hope lots of cookies and delicious Christmas dinner were eaten by all. We did not have nearly enough Christmas leftovers, but there are plenty of cookies and treats still around. Good for my lips, bad for my hips.

As for us, Christmas was pretty awesome here. We actually had to wake Yaya up to open presents. He takes after me and likes to sleep in; I'm so proud.

There aren't many pictures because most of it was video and I'm too tired to mess around with Windows Movie Maker to try and get some good video stills. Here is the aftermath, though.

Mr. Man with his new Max and Ruby DVD. They're his current cartoon obsession and since we don't have cable anymore, they'll probably stay for a while. Which sucks, because I hate both of them.

B trying to free Woody from his cardboard prison.

Woody and Yaya later on that night.

Woody is definitely a favorite. One of the boys always has him, although his hat is currently missing. The real Woody would be so disappointed.

Oh, and not a favorite? As in, never even opened beyond ripping off the wrapping paper? The quiet book. That I spent hours making. This just reaffirms my decision to go commercial next year unless there's something specific that they want that I'll make. To be fair, they do love the felt food.

I hope everyone had a great week, and if you've got kids home from school that you still have all your hair and your sanity. Oh, and don't forget to enter my CSN giveaway, open until January 30.

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