Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look at me

It's crazy how on schedule I am over here, especially given how much I procrastinate. The cabinets are painted and awaiting enough dry time to be rehung. The hardware has had forty years of nicotine scraped off, more or less, although now I need to do all of the hardware because it grosses me out. I see a thrift store expedition for a Crock Pot in my future. Did you know nicotine hardens into a plastic-like film after a few decades? It's true. Tar, on the other hand, just gunks stuff up real nice.

The Christmas gifts for family--except my kids--are done. (Oops.) Christmas cards are sent. Season four of The X-Files watched. Was that one not on my list? Mr. Man is addicted to the theme song, and I'm all about a little weirdness (although the alien/government conspiracy episodes are my least favorite, and there are a lot of them).

I have an hour and a half before Yaya needs to be picked up from school so I do believe I'll make some hot/cold rice packs--the last non-food thing to be done for the teachers. Wish me luck and also that I won't spill rice all over my bedroom.

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  1. Just had a massive epiphany about my own cabinets!!! I think you've just answered the 'what. the. hell. is. this. stuff.' question... ewwwww!!!!! nicotiiiiiine!