Friday, December 3, 2010


The Christmas crafting is...going. Since I'm lazy and surrounded by children all the time nothing is completely done yet, although I'm about 93% sure I'll get there. B is supposed to be corraling the kids this weekend for me, but I may move all the sewing stuff into the bedroom just in case.

My siblings and I will be completing my mom's Christmas gift of a kitchen makeover after Christmas this year. She asked for it to be that way; we all know it'll take forever so at least things won't be half done for Christmas. They'll be half done for Valentine's and/or St. Patrick's Day.

After much discussion between me and Deetz (we're the two design-minded ones) I came up with this idea board.

Click to see it full-size. Since I made the idea board Mom has decided on the mosiac backsplash. The rug will most likely be a painted bound carpet remnant; that's a recolored Jonathan Adler rug that's something like $700 normally, so it, like most things in the kitchen, will be achieved through DIY awesomeness. The spraypaint is there because our budget is less than $500. They have about 60 square feet of countertop; I double dog dare you to find counters for that many square feet for $300 or less (have to pay for other crap, too). It's impossible. Even laminate was $1300. Deetz seems to want to believe that if we look hard enough a $3 a square foot granite countertop will fall from the sky, but until then we have our Krylon. Deetz's husband is a carpenter and could possibly fabricate laminate countertops, but there's one 10' long counter in there; I don't know if we can get sheet laminate in that size. Soon I'll have some before pictures to show you all the retro goodness of my mother's house. Sadly, the kitchen is not the awesome '60s retro the rest of the house is, it's sad early '90s retro.

Hulu and chocolate are calling my name. Good weekends to all and to all a good night.


  1. No crafting yet but time for a MOOD BOARD? You're cracking me up. And I can't wait to see the final product.

    Hope your gifts stay safe up high!