Friday, December 31, 2010

Retrospective, 2010 edition

A lot of blogs are doing a rundown of their best or favorite posts from 2010, posts where funny things happen or they tell you how to make cool stuff. I don't have enough posts where funny things happen or I do a project (sorry), so I'm going to do a straightforward retrospective. Enjoy.

January: We started the massive built-in project in the dining room. Interesting note: that post is, without a doubt, the post I get the most spam comments from.

February: I started putting in our third and final kitchen/dining room floor.

March: We started talking about moving. Things happened fast after that.

April: Tons and tons of to do lists.

May: Things were going well, and I was afraid they were going a little too well.

June: Mostly house buying stuff although Mr. Man knocked his teeth loose, too. This was also the month that we moved but I didn't blog about it until July.

July: New house tour!

August: Just me complaining about the boys' new school.

September: The boys had a party. I turned 28 and to celebrate I cleaned my living room and hung some hooks in my hall closet. Also, I just noticed a did a happy birthday post for Mr. Man but not for Yaya. So look for that in January, four months late.

October: More cleaning. I debated a kitchen project that I'm still on the fence about, although those cabinets are painted now.

November: I blogged about Halloween and Mr. Man made some great steps this month.

December: I began planning my mom's kitchen redo and somehow managed to finish almost all of the Christmas projects I started. CSN contacted me to do my first giveaway, open until January 30. We had a great Christmas, even if Yaya thinks that some of B's gifts could have been improved upon. I'm already planning out my first project of the new year.

There you have it, the year in review. It was a very good year for us, although sadly I can't say the same for everyone in my family. I'm looking forward to 2011, seeing things resolved and put right, making progress on the house and maybe, just maybe, finally getting to the point where I can open my Etsy shop.

Happy New Year!

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