Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One box down, six to go

Not surprisingly to anyone who's read this blog before, kitchen progress has been slow. B pulled up the rest of the carpet, pad and tack strips for me last weekend, so that was a ton of manual labor I didn't have to do (yay!). However, after that I was kind of paralyzed about it for a few days, wanting to do everything exactly right as far as the paper removal. The house was built in 1968, which means that there could have been asbestos in the paper backing. I don't think there is--it doesn't look especially fibrous--but I've still been trying to find an easy way to get it up. It took me about a day to realize that there is no easy way to get it up and to get it up at all would require mineral spirits. They say they're odorless but they're not. Granted, I probably should have scraped it up with mineral spirits but there's no way we could properly ventilate for that right now.

In order to move things up to the speed of molasses, I decided to just go for it. I ripped up whatever paper was loose and scraped any loose bits off with a much too small for the job putty knife. I haven't finished all the paper, though. After spending a few hours at it and getting about nine square feet done I decided to just rip up the paper as I go. I have gotten a grand total of 30 square feet of tile put down. Only 180 to go, give or take a few.

Here's a view from the living room.

I started out thinking "forget it, if the corners are square I'm just going to start at the walls this time instead of all that dumb finding the center of the room stuff." It didn't work that way--the corners (well, the first one) were indeed square but only for about a foot. They're not ridiculously off, but even a tiny bit will show here. So I centered the tile over the subfloor seam in the dining room and went from there.

From the kitchen. Don't mind the stuff on the counter; I was making spinach dip at 10 PM.

I need to get rid of those blinds and get something that actually works and maybe, as an added bonus, looks good. I think those blinds are original from 1968. It shows in how they work, too, although maybe they're just clogged up with nicotine.

My goal for tomorrow is to get all the full tiles laid down in the dining room and to get the partial tiles laid down in the doorway. I'm hoping to finish completely this weekend. It could happen. You never know.

As for blog news, the $40 CSN giveaway is drawing to a close. In the future I won't hold any giveaways open for a month--you live and learn. Be sure and enter if you haven't already.

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