Thursday, February 17, 2011

February Progress Report

At the urging of Katie, I posted my February to do list in the sidebar--public accountability is the best kind. I've been working on it almost every day but somehow haven't accomplished much.

1. Finish laying kitchen floor. Haven't done much on this until today. I need (well, I want) to paint the toe kicks of the cabinets before I put the tile around the edge down. They're primed so far and I'll paint them later today. It'll need two coats but I should be able to get both done today.

2. Finish painting trim on main floor. I probably should have been more specific here. I'm just painting the trim and doors in the hallway. I would paint the window trim in the living room, but it's still plasticked up from winter. When I take the plastic down I'll paint that one. But I've put two coats on so far and they need a third. I'll be touching up the baseboards too since they're looking pretty chippy.

3. Hang floating shelf in the living room. The shelf is done. The frame is not, although I've gathered up the wood. That should be done this weekend.

4. Paint kitchen backsplash. DONE. Mostly. I have a few touchups that need to be done, and it seems kind of fragile right now so I'm not going to condition it with chalk (I'll buy dustless chalk) until next week sometime.

5. Finish two Lego Batman portraits for Yaya's room. Batman is done, and I'm working on Robin today during naptime. I'm hoping Robin doesn't take as much time as Batman.

Part of the reason I haven't gotten much on this list done is because I've been doing other projects. I have a short attention span. Hopefully all of those things will be finished by the end of the month, too. My kitchen is a bit of a sight to see right now, though. Looking around I can count no fewer than six projects being done. Apparently I like to have lots of options.

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  1. I have a short attention span, too! My projects are like yours - partially finished but not all the way!