Thursday, February 3, 2011

(Mostly) finished floor

These pictures were actually taken January 30, but for some reason I'm just now getting around to posting them. Oops.

The floor isn't totally finished but I need new blades for the boxcutter to finish the partial tiles around the edges, and today was the first day the kids have had school this week. Between that and the ice and snow, I haven't been able to get them. Mr. Man doesn't have school tomorrow so maybe we'll stop and pick some up.

The kitchen area. I decided to just tile in front of the stove; we'll take the stove out with an appliance dolly later (we're getting a new stove this month so it's going out permanently) and I'll tile under there before we get the new stove delivered.

Dining room. See our healthy lunch? This is what happens when I do projects--B doesn't feel like cooking so we get fast food. Shockingly, the kids don't mind.

I told B I needed to get a rug to put under the table now and he said "Why put a rug down over the new tile after you just took the carpet out?" Boys just don't understand.


  1. hahahahaha.... boys i tell you ;-)

  2. Looking good, girl! Fear (okay CRUMBS) keep me from ever putting a rug under a table....but it would look cute.