Monday, March 21, 2011

Basement: step one. Or zero.

Is cleaning up before starting the project considered part of the process? I don't know. For the sake of the post we'll say that it is.

Here's what I started out with, and I apologize for any blurry pictures. I took multiples but apparently the light was more inadequate than I realized.

Laundry area. Note the cat sitting next to her food dish that she just emptied, begging for more.

Storage area under the stairs.

Sewing area before.

B's area, which we had basically been using as a mixture of storage and workshop.

I started by getting rid of the trash and anything I didn't want. After that I pulled everything to the center of the room. The storage area under the stairs is plenty tall until about six feet in, then you have to crouch or crawl. So I did the smart thing when it came to getting that stuff out and delegated.

Almost everything in the laundry area was trash or laundry, with a few tools and odds and ends thrown in. This is it emptied out but before all the tools were moved over. Note the cat by her food dish again. And yes, I did feed her before and after the first picture. (She gets small amounts of food because otherwise she'll eat too much and throw it all up. I think she's somehow translated this to "I need to eat all day.") I like how you can look at the floor and tell where and what I spraypainted.

Then I moved all the tools, wood, unfinished furniture and other miscellaneous over to the laundry room/new workshop area. That skeleton on the table is the final piece to the play kitchen, which I swear will be done before the end of April.

Shelves in the new workshop area. I don't have any before pictures, but they were in roughly the same order as everything else. They still need more work but they'll do for now.

B's area, after. This section still needs some work. The stuff in the corner between the door and the desk is B's computer stuff, the garbage bags and boxes in front of the door are donation stuff, the Rubbermaid containers stacked next to the door are empty and the stuff on the other side of the desk is stuff I need to go through and stuff that doesn't belong in the basement. And I used the word stuff a lot in that paragraph.

Sewing room area after. This needs more work too, mostly related to getting better methods of storage and putting together the island leaning against the wall on the right side of the picture. I'd like to get a bookcase with sides and utilize the fabric storage method where you wrap the fabric around comic book boards; I think things will be much easier to see then. I'd also love to get some sort of large piece with lots of small drawers for my notions, but I have a feeling I could be waiting a long time to find something like that in my price range. Don't mind the blanket over the window--they're terrible windows so that was my effort to keep the cold air out this winter. It didn't really work. See the pink chair? That's the living room chair in my March To Do list. It needs one more coat of paint.

The area where we need to build the long wall is clear, and I only have to move the recumbent bike and card table to clear an area for the short wall. Now I just need to get the lumber and get it built.

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