Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Manners won't get you out of school

Mr. Man has learned to say "no thank you." We're still working on "please" and "you're welcome;" he mastered "thanks" a while ago. "No thank you" came out of left field for me, though. It's always great when your autistic child does anything new, but manners? A-mazing. I can't take the credit, though; it was his teacher who did this. I think I stopped noticing a long time ago that he usually just made an annoyed grunt or yell and turned his head away when he didn't want something, so I know I need to work on not getting used to his bad habits like that.

So we've been hearing no thank you a lot. No thank you to broccoli. No thank you to bathtime. No thank you to going to bed. And this morning, no thank you to getting dressed and going to school. I kind of feel bad--like I might negate his progress by doing whatever he said no thank you to, but somehow I don't think the school would be too happy with me if I called and said "he won't be in today, he said no thank you when it was time to leave for school. What could I do?"


  1. awww atleast youre getting the thank you part! good job

  2. lol. I can just imagine the secretary taking that call, and the look on her face. :) At least, I know what the secretary I work with would look like!

    That is great that he is making progress, though.

    I think, with any kid, we pick and choose our battles, and maybe "no thank you" was one that the teacher picked, but not one you chose, know what I mean? I'm sure there's something that you've been working on with him that probably isn't as important to his teacher.

    Anyway, I think it's great that he's saying it!