Thursday, March 3, 2011

March To Do List

I think I've finalized my March to do list, but first I'll post a few things from the February list.

1. Hang the floating shelf in the living room. As you can see, we still need to deal with the cords, but the second shelf is up. I swear all of these shelves are level. You can see the lower shelf goes behind the TV; that's where the speakers are supposed to go eventually.

2 and 3. Paint the kitchen backsplash and lay the kitchen floor. I'm counting this picture as both since apparently I forgot to take other after pictures of the backsplash. I need to find dustless chalk to "prime" the backsplash, then we can color on it. Oh, and we got a new stove today, no more dirty yellow stove that only kind of works.

I'll post pictures of Batman and Robin when I get them hung up; I need to buy picture hanging hardware tomorrow.

Now some before pictures for this month's list.

1. Paint the bathroom. You can see I've already started this; this is one coat of paint and I'm hoping that two coats will do it. I love this Behr paint.

2. Paint the kitchen. Again, already started. The new color is on the left and the old color is on the right. The gray undertones in the white were driving me crazy. It looks really gray here but it's actually pretty white. But it clashes with the cabinets so it goes.

3. Paint the lower cabinets. You can see in the picture of the kitchen above that I've started priming. I got some painting done today

4. Make kitchen window treatments. I have to take the winter plastic off the windows for this so I'm waiting for it to be warm for at least two days in a row.

5. Paint kitchen chairs.

6. Start painting a canvas rug for the kitchen.

7. Rehang pictures in living room. I took them down when some of them got knocked off the wall and one frame got broken, then I decided to paint the frames and hang them differently. I could finish it in a day if I forced myself to just do it; I should probably do this one just to get it out of the way.

So that's it. I'll get the March list up in the sidebar and force myself to make some progress this weekend. If the weather holds we'll hopefully be spending Saturday fencing off a section of the yard for the dogs; I might cheat and add that to the list later.

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  1. yay backsplash looks great! what a cool idea. and that brown is awsome reminds me of my bedroom we used behr bear rug i think. so i have to ask, im dying to paint my cabinets white but how do you keep them clean? i always have greasy guck on them