Friday, April 29, 2011

Bye bye, blue

As I mentioned earlier, the blue paint that I put on the stairs and entryway as a temporary fix did not mesh well with the Iowa winter. Even before winter the paint on the stairs wasn't holding up well. So I decided to repaint the stairs and entry.

You can definitely tell I never put a second coat of white on the risers. I'm not done yet--this might be a decent wall color somewhere but for stairs it's stuck in the '80s. I worry that the finished product will be this kind of bad vintage too, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. This is primer tinted with a little of the brown bathroom paint, which was a primer and paint in one. Oh, and not every stair is painted so we can still get up and down. Getting up is easier than getting down; crazy leaps are involved for getting down; guess that means no more laundry for me.

In hopes of avoiding a repeat of the salt mess, I'll be polying when I'm finished. It remains to be seen if that will help during the winter. The stairs will be wood toned, tinted to match the floor samples that I picked out for the floor we won't get until next spring.

As for the entry, that will not be wood-toned. I plan to do another type of faux finish there which I may or may not keep as a surprise. I am for this post, anyway.

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  1. our stairs are painted, and we need to repaint them, too. What a pain!