Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter, three days later

I meant to post this Monday, but...I'm lazy. What can I say?

Our Easter this year was great. We started the day off with the baskets, what else? I went with $2 felt baskets from Target, both with robots on them. The kids got candy, books and a big gift (or two, in Yaya's case). We budgeted $20 each for the big gifts, I'd say with the candy and baskets we were close to $30 a piece. I'm not going to count the books because I would have bought those anyway. I was sucked in by the online ordering and $1 section on the Scholastic site.

Sorry about the quality of these pictures. They look terrible with flash, they look terrible without flash. I just need $500 to buy a super nice camera (with lenses!) and I won't have to deal with this anymore.

Here's Yaya making some sort of face and holding his coveted Nerf (well, off-brand, they didn't have Nerf) shotgun.

Mr. Man loved his toy, but he was more interested in the candy for the first few minutes.

This Butterfinger is very suspicious.

Later, after massive amounts of candy had been ingested by everyone, we went up to my parents' house to have an egg hunt and eat more candy and stuff ourselves with Easter dinner.

Starting out on the egg hunt. Mr. Man pretty much wouldn't leave the wagon once he got in, so B dragged him around the yard. Once he realized there was candy in the eggs it was easier to get him to get out and pick them up.

Yaya counting to make sure he hadn't gone over his egg limit--they got 22 eggs each. I assume I started out with 48 plastic eggs but obviously didn't end up with that many.

Now Mr. Man is getting into it. That's Grandma (headless Grandma) and Vanna, her Maltese.

The "I finished first" dance.

Apparently the prize for finishing first is to play on the tire swing. That doesn't mean your brother won't come and try to play too, though.

That's it for our Easter. It was great--very low key, lots of candy and food, lots of making fun of SyFy programming and such. I'd do it again, and we're talking about having a holiday at my house soon, so I might get my chance.

I'm linking up to Rhiannon's Thankful Linky party--I'm always thankful for no-stress holidays. I'm thankful for any no-stress day, and I hope the next holiday is this great.

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up!! Love your pix, dont waste your $500 on an expensive camera, I have a $650 one that I cant figure out and still cant take great pix!! My $100 camera does much better!