Friday, April 8, 2011

Master bedroom and living room updates

I've been making some progress on my to do list. I'm going to cheat and cross off "paint master bedroom" because it's basically done except for around the curtain rod brackets. If I weren't planning on getting nicer curtain rods and new curtains (hopefully this month) I would have taken them down. When I get the new rods, though, I'll take them down and touch everything up with a brush then.

Does it look purple here? It kind of does to me. It's not, though; it's dark navy blue. That's the best picture I could get without showing how messy the room was. Wait, does this one look any better?

Maybe? Maybe not?

I've also started working on the gallery wall again. I tried it last month with bad results--our walls do not like to have things hung on them. They reject things unless you go to a ton of trouble. Should I really have to use a wall anchor for a 5x7 frame? Here, apparently, the answer is yes. Here's a closeup of the aftermath of last month's attempt.

It looks like we were shooting rock salt at the wall or something. But I suppose in a way it's good that I didn't get that stuff hung up, because we rearranged the living room and got a console table for that wall. Well, "borrowed from my mom" might be a better way to say it. It's off-center on the wall, where the gallery I had planned before was centered.

It's topped with two shadeless garage sale lamps. I have to decide what color to paint them. I'm torn between white, oil-rubbed bronze, silver or maybe Rustoleum's Green Apple or Key Lime. Any suggestions?

Green Apple

Key Lime

Anyway, I'm ready to try the gallery again, thanks to a post from Young House Love and a gallery wall party from The Inspired Room. I may have to pare my picture selections down again, but that's fine. I'll find somewhere else to put them--the walls in the master bedroom are begging for decor.


  1. yea it kinda did look purple, pictures never do paint colors justic. i love those greens very nice. my vote is for the green apple

  2. Hi! Lovely blog :)
    Too funny about the paint color, I was kinda liking the color on screen, but I bet the Navy in real life is even nicer. As for the spray paint, I love the navy & green combination. I'd go with green apple too.