Monday, April 18, 2011

My first review

Note: CSN gave me a $35 gift code in exchange for writing this review, but my opinions are my own.

After my CSN giveaway in January, I was contacted again to see if I'd like to do a review. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity, but here's the thing. I'm not the world's most decisive person. And CSN offers a lot of stuff. It was like being set free in a candy store but I couldn't decide between the Everlasting Gobstoppers or the Fizzy Lifting Drink for two months.

So after making up my mind 14 different times on 14 different things, I went crazy and ordered something off the wall. Wacky. Kooky.

I ordered a new set of pots and pans.

But they were red. (That's the kooky/wacky/crazy part, see?)

I decided on ordering pans pretty easily but it took a while to decide which set of pans to order. B, of course, had requests. He wanted the big skillet to have a lid. There were a few sets I looked at that had that, but most of them didn't. I finally asked why he needed a lid for a skillet and he said “So when we cook Hamburger Helper we can cover it.” OK. Here's the thing: we don't eat Hamburger Helper. Nothing against it, but we just don't eat it. We used to, but I can't remember the last time we ate it. We've never eaten it here and we've lived here for almost a year, so I pulled out my wifely veto power and told him the off chance of us making something we haven't made for at least eighteen months is not reason enough to pick a different set. Plus I really wanted the red ones.

I ordered them on the 31st of March, a Thursday, and they were shipped the same day. They arrived Tuesday, April 5. I was pretty surprised at how fast the shipping was. The item was shipped via UPS, if you were wondering.

And from there I opened the pans and I loved them. Dearly. Like my own children—well, maybe not quite so much, but close. I also procrastinated writing the review because I felt like I should make something amazing, truly awesome, to show everyone the wondrousness of these pans. Did I mention before that I'm not very decisive? I never did figure out what to make. But I finally decided I needed to get a move on and write the review already. There are a few pictures, but no delicious gourmet food in sight. Although I have no doubt that these pans could do it.

My biggest problem with our old pans was a) their age, b) everything stuck to it and was probably going to burn and c) they were so bowed they were pretty worthless on the flat top stove. These pans solved all those problems. I can't burn things in these. I can't make food stick to them without really putting a lot of effort into it, and even if I do get something crusted to the bottom of the pan it washes right off—no scrubbing necessary. And best of all, they're flat. As a pancake. Or as multiple pancakes, I guess I should say to make my tenses match.

See? Flat. I may have jumped up and down when I saw that. No more propping up pan handles with some sort of dish or canned good so it would actually have some surface area meeting the stove! No more pans sliding across the stove or turning in a circle when you stirred in them! Happy days!

With pans that have bowed bottoms, food never stays where it's supposed to. But not with these pans.

I wanted something fancier to prove that point, but I was making fried eggs. So fried eggs it is.

The only complaint I would have, and it's not really a complaint other than against myself, is that I stupidly mixed brownies in the Dutch oven pot and scratched the finish because of the abrasiveness of the sugar. (Two cups of sugar=very very abrasive.) I would have thought it would have taken more to do it, but like I say, that's a lot of sugar. The pans do have a lifetime warranty through Farberware so if it really bothered me I could send it back and get a replacement from them, but since this pan is pretty much always going to be used for boiling or cooking liquids like soups, I don't think that having the nonstick finish pristine is really necessary.

So in conclusion: for the price, these pans are great. Even not considering the price they're great. I would recommend them in a second. I'm thinking about ordering a larger, deeper skillet and if I did, I'd go with the Farberware and CSN again. In fact, B has asked me three or four times to look at "that CSN site" to find other stuff we can buy. And I am happy to oblige him.

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  1. ooh, they're beautiful! I just stick a cookie sheet over my pan when I need a lid and i can't find one that fits.