Thursday, April 21, 2011

A quick makeover--my favorite kind

I did this a while ago and haven't posted it yet. Also, I forgot to take pictures of the process but it's pretty straightforward.

During our move there were a few things broken. All of them were mine. (Thanks, B!) One of them was this mirror that had hung in our old bedroom but that I really had no immediate ideas for here. So it stayed in the garage, broken. Then I saw this post by Rhiannon and inspiration struck. I would have loved to do a dry erase board, which I could have easily done if the mirror were still intact (and could still do with another similar mirror I have in the garage) but I didn't have dry erase paint and I didn't want to spend money. So I got out the chalkboard paint I had left over from the backsplash (which I never posted, oops). There was actually a lot left, this stuff really stretches.

Although the broken mirror was gone, there was a piece of cardboard that had been behind the mirror; I used that as my template. I had lots of hardboard sitting around from the play kitchen build, so I just found a piece that was close in size. I think I had to cut a few inches off of one side with the jigsaw. Then I primed it, let it dry for an hour, put a coat of the chalkboard paint on and let it dry another hour, then did a last coat of chalkboard paint. After that I let it dry overnight; I didn't want the chalkboard paint to scratch.

The next day I "primed" the chalkboard with a piece of sidewalk chalk, screwed it back into the frame and hung it on the pantry door with a Command hook. And there you have it, a quick--and cute, if I do say so myself--chalkboard.

Please excuse my handwriting. It's not easy writing neatly with sidewalk chalk when you're lefthanded.

As you can see we use ours for menu planning most of the time; my niece draws on it when she comes over. Right now it says "bonjour" with a heart dotting the J. The H you see in the picture is courtesy of Mr. Man, which is too awesome for words.


  1. Good thing you didn't throw it away - I LOVE it as a chalkboard!

  2. Oh wow you can't tell it wasn't always a chalkboard! Thanks for your lovely comment on my moodboard post, and that is a brilliant idea, i think I might just go ahead and buy a few things and see what looks best :)