Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy anniversary to me--well, us

Se-ven years! Se-ven years!

This was a pretty good anniversary, as they go. No gifts or anything--we're not big on exchanging gifts between the two of us, so my diamond tennis bracelet will have to wait another year. We did nothing special today, although we did go to a late lunch and a movie (Scream 4, I liked it) yesterday.

We bought our tickets Thursday for the 4:10 showing on Saturday (B wanted to go get his ticket for Thor early, NERD ALERT.) Saturday my mom came over to watch the boys and we went out to lunch, then headed to the theater.

When we got to our theater the sign over the door said "Scream 4 6:05." B said, "Does that mean the next showing isn't until 6:05?" I said "No, it must mean that's when it gets out." Our tickets said 4:10, so this seemed logical to us. We walked in and sat down a little before 4 and there was no one else in there. I'm used to this--apparently I choose movies that aren't very popular--but B said it was probably because the movie had already been out for three weeks. Whatevs.

So we sat in the theater chatting for a few minutes before I realized there was no movie trivia or ads or any of the stuff they normally play before movies. I don't really need to see ads for the local community college or a chiropractor somewhere in town so I wasn't bothered. Still no people. As 4:10 gets closer we kind of mutually had the thought "I wonder if they're going to play the movie." We waited until 4:12 but no movie.

After trying to convince B to go out there on his own ("I need to save our seats!") we both went out and told someone the movie hadn't started. He looked it up and said there was no 4:10 showing. I gave him my ticket--which I had probably checked ten times before we even got to the theater, I've been sold the wrong ticket before and when you have to find a babysitter you don't have the luxury of waiting around for the next showing--and he said "Alright then" and went to the office.

B and I stood there laughing and wondering how this happened (we'll never know, sad face). The guy came back out talking on his walkie. Someone on the other end said "how many people are waiting? Just the two?" The whole time I was expecting to get a voucher for a free ticket or tickets exchanged for the 6:05 showing and that kind of confirmed it for me. You could have knocked me over with a feather when he said "How about we play the movie for you without the trailers? Would that be OK?" Obviously we said yes and rushed back in to see the movie. We were going to watch the credits but they had to cut them off. The movie ended at 6:03, so I see why.

We came home and played outside with the kids until they got too crazy, threw them into bed, then just laid around the rest of the night, as we do most nights. All in all it was a good day. (Also no one got shot, which I hear is another way to tell if you've had a good day.) I'm not going to write anything sappy or sentimental about my marriage because I'm just not built that way. I love B more than ever and, to quote Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that.


  1. oh my like a private viewing! how fun! congrats and happy anniversary! Sounds better than my 7th anniversay.. infact i dont even remember what we did

  2. That is awesome! A private showing just for you two!