Friday, May 27, 2011

I am the proud parent of a preschool graduate

And I have roughly zero pictures to show for it. Well, that's not true. I have plenty of blurry pictures (Dear Santa, I'd love a new camera for Christmas. Doesn't have to be one of the fancy super duper expensive ones, a $500 Rebel would be fine with me) and a few video clips that show just about nothing because Mr. Man wasn't into singing or doing any of the program stuff. I do, however, have lots of pictures of him on the kindergarten playground. I think whoever has to get him in after recess next year has their work cut out for them.

Rock climbing.

Driving the fake school bus.

Playing basketball with B.

More climbing.

Trying to escape when it was time to go home.

He's ready for summer. He has a lot of playing outside to do, and I'm going to be putting together some sort of sand and water table for him. I'm thinking we'll also get a pool. Just a Wal-Mart inflatable one, but the kind that comes with a pump. It's like Rockefeller Mansion over here.

Yaya's last day was today. They were supposed to have a cookout but it was cold and rainy, so no go. He tells me he did get an ice cream bar, though, and I suppose for him that's almost as good. He is also ready for summer, but he thinks he'll be spending the entire time playing computer games. I have some sad news for him Monday.

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up!
    He looks like hes having a great time! If santa brings you that camera ask him pretty please for a nikon d90 for me... ive been good, i promise!!