Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Teacher Appreciation Week gifts

May 2-May 6 is Teacher Appreciation Week this year, and I wanted to do something fun but not something that would require massive amounts of time and hair-ripping when I ran out of said time. So I decided to do something a little homemade but mostly store bought, a type of teacher survival kit.

First, dipped apples.

They were dipped in caramel and semisweet chocolate with white chocolate drizzled on last. Yes, I know that white chocolate looks awful. White chocolate chips--mine, at least--do not drizzle well. It looked better once it was off the plate and in the bag, though. I did have to replace some sticks before I packaged. I actually think I went through half a bag of lollipop sticks making these five apples. If you do this, get the heavy duty sticks, not the plain lollipop sticks. I think the heavy duty sticks are actually wood dowels or something.

The whole thing. Two 24 oz Diet Cokes (it was either this or the tiny bottles and I didn't want those), two bottles of water with the individual packets of Crystal Light (well, Wal-Mart brand Crystal Light) in iced tea with peach and pink lemonade flavors to mix in, a dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies, a dozen pieces of Hershey's Miniatures candy and two bags of microwave popcorn. It was all put in a bag from Dollar Tree for delivery, and they all loved it. Best of all it didn't take me much time at all and I was able to deliver them on Monday.

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