Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Family day out

B had the day off of work today (OK, he took the day off of work today) so we went and saw Cars 2. I saw some negative reviews of this movie, but those people are all obviously party poopers and/or Debbie Downers. It was adorable and hilarious. I think B and I laughed more than the kids. Maybe this makes us lowbrow film lovers. Probably. I'm pretty sure I already knew that about us.

And because I got a fancy new cell phone a few weeks ago (read: it has a slide out keyboard) you get to see night vision pictures from the theater. Rest assured these were taken during the previews, plus we were in the front and the other two families in the theater were toward the back.

My boys like popcorn. All three of them.

We also got a grocery store pizza--B and I ate an embarrassing amount of it for lunch--and later we may go get some Culver's, which is the best ice cream ever because it's actually frozen custard. And then we will all explode from the ridiculous amounts of junk food in our bodies.

Also, I will have the house anniversary post up by Friday. Pinky swear.

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  1. bwah ha ha ha ha ha! I've been "mentally" writing a negative review all week!

    I liked the movie, I really did. I thought the plot was great and the artwork/animation was amazing! But it was soooo different from the first - way over adam's head and scary! The first movie had no violence, no real put downs, and was totally appropriate for a toddler. This one was full of both of those, plus, "They're gonna kill lightning McQueen" was a little too much for us!!! Not really what we expected!