Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I wouldn't really call these updates

It would be more accurate to call them "half-finished projects that I'm blogging about because I don't have anything else to say because it's been crappy and rainy forever and I'm too lazy/tired to actually leave the house or do any fun activities." But I doubt that would fit. Also, I feel sorry for my kids and their boring summer of watching Spongebob and playing with their toys. Someday I'll build that marshmallow catapult and PVC sprinkler for them.

Anyway, I've accomplished a very few things and I finally bit the bullet and took pictures today, so I'm writing this post before I get distracted by something shiny and wander off.

First, the vanity. It's all scraped and I probably don't have lead poisoning. I've kept all my hair so far, anyway. I put on two coats of primer and the first coat of the paint, but I'm not really feeling this color. These pictures aren't accurate--if they were it'd be the color I want--it's darker than it looks here. So I'm going to experiment with adding about 25% white, maybe with a tiny bit of the green from the kitchen cabinets as well.

This is probably the most accurate picture but it's still a little light. Again, it looks kind of OK here, but it'll get darker as I add more coats and it's just a little too South Beach for me.

Mr. Man's cornice. I made this out of foam core by combining these two tutorials. I used the basic method from the first one and hung it with picture hangers like the second one recommends. However, I screwed mine right into the edge of the foam core. (If I had gone back and looked at the tutorial first I probably wouldn't have but I was going on memory.) It worked out fine, I just did it slowly and gently, stopping when the screw was tight and not overtightening it. His isn't too deep because I'm just putting a faux Roman shade on his window. If I were going to do it again I would probably double the depth anyway. I thought about making it a little longer, but I thought that since there wouldn't be any curtain panels to hide the trim that might actually make the window look smaller. I made sure to keep the pattern straight on here, it wasn't too bad. I hung it a smidge high, but that little bit of trim that shows at the bottom will be covered with the faux Roman shade--I'm going to staple it right to the top of the window trim.

I also finally finished painting his room. This is the same color as the living room, but it looks different in here. More baby blue.

You can tell I forgot to turn the light on in here. Yaya's is deeper because it has to accomodate his curtain rod, and it goes out about 6" on either side of the window. Those particular panels aren't staying. Well, they're staying until I make some new ones, but after that they're gone. Don't try and talk me out of it. I know tab top panels with cornices is a great look, but my mind is made up.

To keep with the Lego Batman theme I'm going to glue on some yellow trim as soon as I get the opportunity to go to the fabric store without the kids. The curtain panels, when they come, will be white with some sort of trim. Black pom poms? Black and white Greek key? What do you think?

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  1. I know what you mean with this post, all my projects are unfinished too! Thanks for your comment on my last post, it wont let me comment back but the walls will be cream, then I want to put some white shelves and bits and bobs, then the blues will be accessories so they can be changed easily. I like the one up from the very darkest blue and the two lightest shades. Thanks for reading.