Friday, June 3, 2011

My sad garden

I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of all the bloggers that live in Texas (and the non-bloggers that garden, like my brother) because they're getting vegetables right now. I just got to plant stuff about a week ago, and I still need to plant seeds.

Tomatoes and cucumbers. On the left you can see my geranium, spike and bacopa. I need to deadhead that and put it next to the front door. On the right is cantaloupe, 2076 if I remember correctly.

More tomatoes.

More tomatoes, some roma, and peppers.

I did get these out of the yard today. If you look closely at the background you can see another project I've started.

It's 92 degrees out today, so I would melt if I went out right now. (Well, I went out and watered, but anything more than that would lead to melting.) Tomorrow is only supposed to be in the mid-80s so I want to get out and finish planting the new bed I started in the front, plant seeds (sunflower, lettuce and zucchini) and maybe, just maybe, finally get the garden bed cleared out so my plants can be transferred to a big enough space to give me produce.

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