Friday, June 10, 2011

Plan B

As Rhiannon guessed in the comments yesterday, I am repainting my bathroom vanity. I liked the yellow more when the walls were brown, but it's always been a tad bit bright for me. So when I remembered I had some soothing aqua paint (pretty sure it's the color the boys' room was at our old house) in the basement I decided to add one more thing to my ever-growing to do list which, by the way, has gained a huge project since I wrote that post. So I set out to prep the vanity, thinking I could prime it then give it two coats of paint the next day and be done in record time.

Then this happened.

Now I know that the vanity is white melamine, which was painted a flesh color (ew), which was painted turquoise, which was painted white, which was painted yellow. I also know that it needs to be completely stripped. Right now I'm peeling it with my fingers and a wide putty knife whenever I get a second, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to use a chemical stripper on it at some point. I wish I had a heat gun. But I don't. Or now, though, it's peeling off fairly easily. I think I'm OK as far as lead paint goes; the house was built in 1968 and you'd assume they'd wait at least a year before painting the vanity, right? Right?

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