Monday, July 11, 2011

I would be undelighted with me, too

Yaya: Mommy, I would be very undelighted with you if you caught my house on fire when I was an adult.

Me: Uh...OK, that's out of left field. Why do you say that?

Yaya: I would be very disappointed in you.

Me: What made you think of this? How would I catch your house on fire?

Yaya: If you came over to chat with me, and I wanted to chat with you but I was cooking and I forgot about the pan and it caught on fire because I was chatting with you! I would be very disappointed in you and I wouldn't want to chat with you for a WEEK.

Me: Alright then. I will try not to burn your house down.

Yaya: OR if I didn't want to burn my house down I would just come to your house.

Me: Sounds good.

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