Friday, July 1, 2011

One year house anniversary tour

Wednesday marked the one-year anniversary of moving into this house so I thought I'd post an anniversary tour. This won't include the outside because it was 100 degrees out and going out just wasn't happening. So here we go.

This is the exterior before, and it looks exactly the same now.

The entry and living room before.

The entryway and rest of the living room now.

The kitchen before.

The infamous missing fridge picture.

The kitchen now.

The dining area before.

And now.

The main bathroom before.

Now. The doors are painted but the screw holes for the hinges were pretty stripped, so I'm going to fill them and reattach the hinges.

A nice blurry before shot of the master bedroom.

And some slightly less blurry after shots. I've decided it's the pink curtains that are skewing the wall color toward purple. I'm working on the new panels, but you can see the true color better in the second and third pictures.

Yaya's room before.

After. I cheated; this is an old after picture. It's slightly different now but not much--the garland moved to the other side of the room, the desk is gone and he has a black cornice on that window.

Mr. Man's room before.

I don't really have an after picture, because that would mean cleaning up his room and not having him get upset, but the only real difference is that his walls are blue and he has a cornice now. I'll do a real after during the school year, which should also be when I've really accomplished something in here.

The toy room before.

Nothing has changed in here for the after except that it's a huge mess.

My sewing room. Once again I will offer a cookie to anyone who finds the giant wine bottle and wine glasses in the picture.

After-ish. This is before I got the island set up. Right now stuff is moved around because of the possibly impending flood, so once again I cheated.

B's "man cave" before, which is opposite the sewing area.

After. OK, another cheater after. This is from the basement post. But again, now there's stuff stacked on Rubbermaid bins in the middle of the room so it's not really fit for an after picture at the moment.

The laundry room before. The washer and dryer are in the corner behind the camera.

And now, with the washer and dryer still out of frame. This is the laundry room/workshop area. I should be using the garage, but I kind of hate it out there.

That's it. You can see there's still a lot to be done--the basement needs walls, I haven't finished painting the trim in any of the bedrooms, the master bedroom and Yaya's room both need window treatments (amongst other things), and of course there's the all-important accessorizing. We'll get there eventually, though, and I'm actually pretty happy with what I've accomplished so far.

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  1. you have accomplished so much! i feel like in the 3 years ive been in my house all i did was paint the walls

  2. i love the gallery wall arrangement, that's perfect. and was that a ferris bueler quote in the dining room?? happy house anniversary! we've been in ours 4 years...time flies for sure!