Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Randomness for the kids

I don't have a summer bucket list per se (I don't think two things--water balloon fight and roast s'mores--constitutes a list) but I do have a ton of links to fun summer activities saved. Despite all those links, though, we've spent most of the last few weeks inside (it's almost 100 degrees at 10 AM, and this day isn't anything unique) playing the Wii or watching kid shows. So maybe this month is "wasted," but there's still a good three months before it gets too cold to be outside. So, via my Pinterest, here are a few of the activities I want to do before winter, although looking at this list I can do some of these inside. Also, these are all Yaya-approved.

I hope you got some ideas to keep your kids busy for the next month or two (or more); I know I've remembered a few activities that I'd forgotten.


  1. oh my gosh some of these look like so much fuN! i really gotta find some time to start 'pinning'

  2. I'm with you - this heat makes me want to do ABSOLUTELY nothing! Some of those ideas are so cute and then I think "I'd have to go to the store....which would require getting off my butt...and it's so hot in the car that by the time I get there it's barely just cooled down enough so I'm not sweating..."