Thursday, August 18, 2011

School days

Even though I didn't want it to, the date for the kids to start school came (and went, they started Wednesday).

Yaya is a big boy riding the bus this year, but only in the morning. I bravely fight school pick up traffic to get him in the afternoons. Here he is waiting to get on the first morning.

Mr. Man was fine with the whole school thing until he didn't get to go on the bus with Yaya. That was actually an issue today, too--B goes out and waits for the bus with Yaya, then comes back and grabs his lunch and leaves for work. Mr. Man was not happy with this arrangement, even when we were in the car at school.

But he got over it.

As for me, I'm slowly getting over it. I haven't yet accomplished anything besides shopping and watching Mad Men, but I think by next week I'll be ready to get up off the couch.

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