Monday, September 19, 2011

Boys' birthday party 2011

I am a bad blogger. I made sure the camera batteries were charged but I forgot to delete old pictures off the camera so I ran out of room after I shot a few videos. I was going to grab a few screen shots but the videos took forever to transfer from the camera and I was done writing before they were finished. I got tired of waiting. I wish I could post the video of the awesome tantrum Yaya threw after he failed to break the pinata, but I can't because his real name--and the real names of the other kids at the party--is in it. I'm sure no one cares enough to stalk me but I've come this far using nicknames, might as well keep on going.

First, the decor. This is the toy room. Yucky ruined carpet is gone and in its place is painted cement. It'll stay like that probably until we get ready to move or until we figure out why it floods. It doesn't flood with no carpet, whyever that is.

I wish we could have left the balloons up but the kids were treating them like punching bags during the party (can't blame them) and they were getting knocked down along with the tacks used to hold them in the ceiling.

We had more food than this, but I wanted to show the platter covers I made from inverted bowls and plain wooden knobs, which I spraypainted and glued on with something called Amazing Goop. Each one cost about $3; the bowls and platters were from Dollar Tree, knobs from Home Depot and glue from Hobby Lobby. The paint was Painter's Touch in white semigloss.

The cupcakes and frosting were awesome. This is the recipe for the chocolate cupcakes (which does not actually translate well to cupcake form, make it as a sheet cake or round cake if you make it), this is the recipe for the vanilla cupcakes, and this is the recipe for the frosting. Also, these are not pictured but this recipe makes the best pretzel dough I've ever tasted. B actually requested I make these for dinner some night, and they were all eaten at the party.

Mr. Man with Aunt Deetz. When I showed him this picture, he very wistfully pointed and said "There's Mr. Man cheese pizza." He loves him some cheese pizza.

What a ham. I don't think I've given him a nickname yet, I'll call him Sir until I think of something better.

This is the only non-video picture I have of Yaya from the party. Should have guessed he would be in a mood from the look on his face. He's always in a mood.

I think overall everyone had fun. We decided not to invite the whole class next year since none of them showed up. Well, one showed up, but he had a football game to get to and couldn't stay. He took some treats for the road, though. It was a fun time but I'm glad to be able to take a vacation for a few days before getting back into my to do list.

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  1. Looks like kid heaven & right behind you on the nickname thing!