Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fun baby stuff

Personally, besides finding out the sex I think picking out clothes and decorating a room are two of the most fun parts of being pregnant. It's certainly not morning sickness or the various aches and pains.

I've been pinning to my baby board since long before I got pregnant, and you can tell that I'm hoping for a girl. (People keep asking what I'll do if it's a boy. My answer is either "leave it at the hospital" or "I'll sell it to you cheap." Duh, I'll take it home and love it and be secretly grateful I don't have to deal with a teenage girl, what else am I going to do with it?)

We live in a three bedroom house and all three are currently occupied. We do plan on moving at some point in the future, when B finishes college and we've saved up some money, but until then we're going with Plan B. The baby will be sleeping in our room for the first at least six months. If it's a girl, sometime between six months and a year she'll move into Yaya's room and Yaya will take part of the toy room over as his room. I'll be honest, it seemed like an okay solution before I got pregnant, but now that I'm all hormonal and emotional the thought of having one of my kids that far away is...not pleasant. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, I guess. If it's a boy I might have them share for a while. I'll have to ask Yaya's opinion on that.

So anyway, here are a few of my favorite pins, both for clothes and nursery decor.

Since the walls are already gray and I don't feel like repainting, I like this for a color scheme. Maybe with a more coral, less muddy pink.

I love rhumba panties.

We're planning on cloth diapering this time, or at least trying. This is a good tutorial for making a cloth diaper from stuff you might have around the house, or at least materials that won't be too expensive to buy.

I'm going to need this soon.

Tutorial for a mai tai carrier.

Or maybe I want to use a ring sling.

I think this would be cute artwork for a boy or a girl.

Again, depending on the colors used this would be good for a boy or a girl.

We're supposed to find out the sex next week, so after that (assuming the baby cooperates) I might be able to start making some decisions and doing some not-too-taxing projects. I'm definitely ready to start making things happen.

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  1. I'll give ya $50 if it's a boy. I like boys!!! :)

    I also love that mobile! And i ADORE my homemade moby wrap.