Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy birthday, me!

Today is my birthday, so of course I will be spending the day being pampered and having my every whim fulfilled. Oh, wait, I'm awake. I might treat myself to Burger King or Subway for lunch but other than that I'll be cleaning for the birthday party this weekend.

I am 29 this year. I remember when I was younger I couldn't wait to turn 30. Coming from a large-ish family with two older sisters even as a teenager/young adult I was treated like I was no more than twelve years old. I would think to myself, "I can't wait to be 30, THEN they'll take me seriously!" And to be honest, it took until my mid-twenties before they actually did "take me seriously," a.k.a. treat me like an adult with a working brain, but I got there at some point before now. So now my major reason for looking forward to my thirtieth birthday is gone. Maybe this should be my last birthday and I'll just be 29 forever more.


    For 4 years I celebrated anniversaries of my 25th bday when I turned 30 it wasnt that big a deal and I seem to forget how old I am now... hahaha
    Have a great day getting pampered!

  2. Happy birthday to YOU! Gawd, I was SO GLAD to not be in my 30s anymore. I have NO problem with getting older!

  3. News flash - I'm 34 and STILL not taken seriously. Maybe by 40? Or perhaps it has to do with maturity level, and in that case, it'll be never for me!

    HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!