Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Changing rooms

No, not the British precursor to "Trading Spaces," but rather a shuffle that means that now everyone--even those of us that are still unborn--has a room and no one has to live in the basement, like I posted here.

Those of you that have been reading for a while, if there are any of you, will remember that almost the entire reason we moved to this house was that Mr. Man seemed incapable of sharing a room with Yaya. For that reason we thought that making them share was out, but I suggested giving it a shot the other day to see what would happen. And, to everyone's shock (well, maybe more mine than anyone else's), it worked just fine. In fact Mr. Man slept better with Yaya than he did in a room alone. He also slept on his bed, which never happens.

We decided to go ahead and move them into the same room even though the baby won't be here until February or March. More time to decorate and now we have a place to put whatever we may buy for the baby.

The boys' room looks like this right now.

Not very pretty, is it? Neither is the nursery.

It doesn't help that the room is too small to get one picture encompassing the whole thing. That dresser has seen better days, I'm going to have to put some effort into finding a new set of handles. I doubt I'll luck out and find one matching handle, nor do I particularly want to. Getting a new coat of paint on it as soon as we find out the sex of the baby will vastly improve its looks. That rocker ($10 at the thrift store this weekend) will have something done to it. Not sure if it'll be refinishing or painting yet.

Notice Mr. Man's artwork? It's on every wall, the window and in the closet. Sigh. So far I'm thinking baking soda and water paste will be my best bet to remove it, mostly because I have a 13-pound bag of baking soda from Sam's and I don't have nearly that much WD-40 or that many Magic Erasers around. The wall color will stay the same, although I will probably have to talk B into putting another coat of the same color on because of all the crayon art. The bedframe will go into the basement or we might try to put it back under Mr. Man's bed. Since he preferred to sleep on the floor we thought he might be better off just having the mattress and boxspring for now.

Back to the boys' room. A reminder of how it looks:

The boys will get an Ana White built-in closet organizer or two to replace the dresser but I'm hoping everything else can stay, albeit with a little rearranging. I have my fingers crossed that we can turn Yaya's bed (on the right) to run under the window and leave Mr. Man's bed and the fish tank where they are. They'll need another table--they had a cheap decorator table from a rearrangement in the living room that I have yet to blog about--but Yaya leaned on it and snapped a leg off. Oops. We have an extra in the basement that needs sanded and painted, and also to be measured to make sure it's tall enough.

When is all this going to happen? No clue. I'm restricted from doing anything other than making meals and of course B is working full time, doing all the house stuff I can't do and going to school. Realistically the soonest I can expect to make a dent on my own is late January or early February, though I might be able to cheat and paint the dresser before then since it can be done while sitting on my ever-widening butt. Until then I'll be lying around, playing on Pinterest and doing a little low-impact crafting.


  1. low impact crafting. lol. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible for you!

  2. No wonder my butt is so I thought pinterest was burning calories.

    I'm sorry that you've gotta be on bedrest. Sucky. Sooooo sucky. Hang in there, sister!