Thursday, October 27, 2011

Copycat Halloween wreath

That would be a much better title if there were a cat on this wreath, but we have to take what we get in life.

This is a project from Pinterest that I basically copied. I lack the energy to be creative, although doing this wreath with one of those arched back Halloween cats sounds like a good idea. Oh well, I have a real black cat that likes to sit in my windows.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I wrapped a styrofoam wreath form (the medium-sized one from Hobby Lobby) in orange yarn. I did two layers to cover up some of the gaps and overlaps from making the yarn go around a circle. I secured the end with some fabric glue because my glue gun was M.I.A., as usual. After that was done I gathered some supplies for the bat and letters.

These are very specialized supplies, as you can see. Some cardboard left over from cases of soda, scissors, fabric glue and fleece leftover from who knows what (not pictured). I'm pretty sure the person who made the original wreath used felt, but I used black fleece because I had black fleece.

As usual, I didn't take enough pictures so I'll just write it out. As you see above I cut out letters from the cardboard slightly smaller than I wanted them on the wreath. Then I glued them to the fleece and cut them out again, leaving roughly 1/4"-1/2" of extra fabric around the edges. I cut both layers of fleece at once then just put the one that wasn't glued to the cardboard on top. If I thought it looked weird or needed a little trimming I did that, then put more fabric glue on the cardboard and stuck the top layer of fleece to it. Easy as pie.

When all the letters were done I laid them out on the wreath until I found positions I liked. A little fabric glue on the back of each letter and shape and I was done.

B hung it for me using some orange ribbon we already had. We looped the ribbon through the wreath form, overlapped the ends and used a tack on the top of the door to hold it in place. I got that idea from someone else but of course I can't remember who. Amanda, maybe?

And this, dear readers, is the extent of my Halloween decorating so far. We can't have pumpkins outside because the squirrels eat them, so this is likely to remain the extent of the decorating. Oh well.

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