Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall decor fail

Part of this pregnancy seems to be that I've been nesting since day one. Not really surprising since I always feel like I'm nesting even when I'm not pregnant. I wanted to do some fun fall decor this year, which is my intention every year but never happens but this year I was going to make it happen. Yeah...not so much. Not so far, anyway.

My first idea was to recreate this outside my front door.

I have no idea where this picture came from. I don't think I could pin it but I didn't save any other details either. Oops. If you know where it's from let me know and I'll credit it. Anyway, I have a planter that usually holds geraniums that I thought I could throw some pumpkins on and put some sticks and Dollar Tree fake leaves in. Easy peasy, right? Nope, thanks to these guys.


My pumpkins are gone. They gnawed the top off of one pretty neatly, then just ate right through the side of the other two. pumpkins outside. I'm not even sure if we'll be able to do jack-o-lanterns with the number of squirrels around this year.

So thus far my fall decor is a vase of pine cones--the ones I got to before the squirrels ate them, that is. My current plan involves making some pumpkins out of baking soda clay and displaying them on the shelves in the living room. Tomorrow I'm going to have the boys paint some paper with fall colors, cut out leaf shapes, string them on twine and hang them from the shelves in the living room. I'm going to do a door wreath, but I can't decide if I should do a fall wreath or jump straight to Halloween.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

The Halloween wreath looks easier. I might pick up some orange yarn and black felt (I wonder if foam would work too) and try that one.

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