Friday, October 21, 2011

My view

Since being placed on modified bed rest I spend most of my time, of course, in bed. At first I just napped and read blogs but I'm starting to feel compelled to do something useful. Right now my useful projects are crocheting a baby blanket (pattern here) and making a fall leaf garland. More on those next week when, fingers crossed, I will have one of them done. (Hint: it won't be the baby blanket.)

That wooden thing in the corner is a floating shelf frame, and I'm not entirely sure why it ended up in the bedroom other than that's where B left it after I convinced him to build said shelf. The shelf itself is currently in the basement awaiting its final coat of paint, then it will be hung up (not by me) and decorated with the leaf garland, assuming it's done by then.

Note that I did not list the basket of laundry back there as something I feel compelled to do although it will get folded sometime this weekend. Probably Sunday night.

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