Monday, November 7, 2011

Nursery plan

It's getting to the part of my pregnancy where I want to nest--I always want to nest and pregnancy hormones didn't alleviate that at all, but it's kicking into high gear now--so I decided it was time to turn my nursery plans from something vague involving keeping the walls the same color into something more concrete. So I spent a few hours yesterday coming up with this.

Clockwise from the dresser: We moved the boys' dresser into the room (still haven't started the closet organizers) and it will be painted a pale pink; the color I have there is Benjamin Moore's Hint of Pink. The lamps are from Target, bought on clearance for something like $4.98 each. The lampshades are also from Target, but I don't actually own them and I don't think they're sold anymore. So I'm going to try dip dying fabric and covering plain white shades.

The rug shown there is actually faux fur fabric, but I'm thinking that a light neutral bound carpet remnant might be a better choice.

The rocker is similar to the one we bought at the thrift store. I'd like to restore the finish to something dark like this but we'll see how that goes. The fabric at the upper right is Beetle Swig Zig Zag from Hobby Lobby; it will become a pillow for the chair.

The crib is from Target, also as yet unpurchased. We'll buy the crib eventually but we're going to start out with either a bassinet or the Moses basket I used when I was a baby. It still has the original bedding and I think it's in good shape, we just need to figure out a stand. There will eventually be crib bedding but since I'm going to make it myself and I'm not sure what it will be yet, I didn't even bother looking for a stand-in.

The mobile above the crib is something I've linked from Pinterest before. It'll be made in colors to match the room. I'll probably hang it with orange yarn, though.

The green cornice fabric is Illuminated Lattice from Hobby Lobby, and is the same as what I already have there although I need to make the cornice bigger. The curtains are white fabric edged with fabric that will be dyed the same shade as the lamp fabric and edged with lilac ball fringe. There will be a Roman shade made with Anna Maria Horner LouLou Thi Summer Totem in Grapefruit, from Most colors will be matched from this fabric.

Last, the art over the dresser will be framed vintage handkerchiefs. I think I have some in a box somewhere; I bought a big box of linens from an antique store that was going out of business when Mr. Man was a baby. Three years later I finally have a use for some of it.

I've already kind of started, if you consider washing the crayon off the walls so my mom can put up a fresh coat of the existing wall color started. I think I'll have B start painting the closet doors we took out (so Mr. Man wouldn't knock them over) and I might go pick up some pillow fabric tomorrow. I've also started sewing cloth diapers, so soon you'll be able to laugh at my first attempt at one of those. So what do you think? Guess I shouldn't do too much before we verify it's a girl, huh?

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