Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fall decor

Now that it's officially winter I thought I'd post about my fall decor. I'm nothing if not timely.

I didn't do much for decor because I can't--Mr. Man thinks anything put within his reach is fair game. I'm wondering how he's going to do with the lit Christmas house this year. My favorite fall decor item was our leaf garland.

I had the boys paint pieces of paper with acrylics, whatever pattern and colors they liked, provided they were fall colors. Then I cut out the leaf shapes using this stencil, traced them onto the backs of the painted pages, and spent many hours in front of the TV cutting leaves out. Using some mini clothespins and twine I already had, I made a garland to hang from the floating shelves in our living room. Emily at Jones Design Company did a fall art project with the same leaf stencil. Note that hers was posted two months ago; she's obviously much more on the ball than I am.

This is the same jar of pine cones I have out every year. This is my second year and I've almost got the jar full. The squirrels and I fight over who will get the pine cones each year. I usually lose. I have my fingers crossed that next year the jar will finally get filled.

This one is not really specifically fall, but I'd had the unfinished wood toolbox sitting around forever and finally decided to do something with it. Mr. Man knocked the back slats off a long time ago, and despite me keeping track of them through at least two moves and countless reorganizations of the basement, they are now M.I.A. Oh well, the candles aren't going anywhere. I wiped on two coats of Minwax Red Mahogany stain and called it good. The real candles can't be lit, of course, but the two electric candles can be turned on.

Last but not least, my fall wreath. I made the form using pipe insulation from Home Depot. If you get the six foot length, cut it into two three foot pieces and it won't kink. At least, that's what I had to do. I gave it a quick, messy wrap in strips of painter's canvas that I already had, added rosettes made of the same canvas and leftover painted leaves, then hung it from a loop of ribbon that was reasonably neutral.

It's kind of plain. I'm thinking next year it needs something more, but for now it's getting switched out for a Christmas wreath. I don't have to make that one so it's a project that will actually get done in a timely manner. Assuming I remember to ask B to hang it up for me, of course.

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  1. i love that wooden toolbox!!
    and my fall decor never made it out of the box, but the box did come out of the attic