Friday, December 9, 2011

Tree trimming

This is yet another post that's late, but only by a few weeks.

We put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving and so far I'm happy with how much Mr. Man has left it alone. Actually the cat has knocked more ornaments off of it than he has.

Edit: I decided to take down the picture of Mr. Man. It was watermarked so theft probably wouldn't have become an issue, but I just wasn't comfortable with it online.

The tree is fake and prelit, but this year some of the lights had finally kicked the bucket, so we added pearl lights my mom gave to us. I like them a lot better than the regular Christmas lights.

Finally convinced him to put some clothes on.

Thumbs up for an awesome job. Well, two fists and two backwards thumbs up.


  1. how adorable!!! and those light so do look great! love the backwards undies! hahaha

  2. Backwards chonies are da bomb :)

    And also? I love the pearl lights.