Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All my plans

B took the van in to get the transmission drained and refilled. (Also, $140 for that. I am in the wrong line of work.) He came home and told me that they had put the van on their diagnostic computer and the results were not good. There is a scale of I don't know what you would call it. Wear and tear? Likelihood that your transmission will blow up? It goes to 29 and the average is 10. The van was at 29. It maxed out the scale. So we have a transmission that could be fine for a while or could just die on us at any time, which means we need a new transmission to the tune of $2300. My dreams of a warm basement, bathroom wall that doesn't bow at the bottom and awesome kitchen are fading fast. Well, the bathroom wall will get fixed, although a redone kitchen would be nicer to look at, but other than that any big projects will be on hold. Oh well.

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  1. awww man that is such a bummer.
    i know how expensive that kind of work can be... my hubs is a mechanic (or auto technician he likes to say since he went to college for it LOL) problem is the dealership he used to work for took all the $$. Charged out the customers as over $100 per hour and paid the employees around $20 or less!
    we are in the wrong business!!!