Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The little things

I haven't technically been told I no longer have to "take it easy," but over the past few weeks I've started doing easy projects that I can't stand to not have done anymore. It might take me twice as long as it should, but things are getting done. Walls and trim are getting painted.

Nasty grout is getting redone.

Here's a quick before and after preview of the boys' new closet organizer.

It's not stenciled yet, but the kitchen shade fabric now matches the dining room shade fabric.

There's also furniture being painted, but no before and after shots of that yet since there's no after to photograph. There are also no pictures of the projects I've done in the boys' room and nursery so far, but there will be soon.

I hope to have all these little projects finished this week (most of them are already done) so that I can start focusing on the living room refresh. I'm not sure if I'll do the nursery or the boys' room after that; I guess it depends on how close I am to my due date and if I'm still able to move on my own. If I have to roll around like Violet Beauregard then all decorating is probably going to be put on hold.

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