Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The useless kind of nesting

I like to say that I'm always nesting, whether I'm pregnant or not. And Lord knows there are enough projects around here to keep me busy/happy for ten years. But even though I want to get all of those projects done, suddenly I'm wasting time on organization that's pretty close to useless. I know some people will say there's no such thing as useless organization, but looking around my house I have to disagree.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time yesterday and today—and will undoubtedly spend some other obscene amount of time tomorrow—going through my Google Chrome bookmarks. They're already organized but I can always do better, plus it suddenly became imperative that I separate out all the bookmarks of blogs where nothing had been posted since July 2011. I do not know why I picked that date. Note that I also didn't say I deleted them, because I didn't. I sorted them into a folder labeled “Delete July 1 2012 if no new posts since July 2011.” And not just one folder, I sorted the links into subfolders labeled the same way as the folders they came out of. That way if I have to put them back I'll know right where to drop them. Smart, right?

I've also started planning the boys' birthday party. The one that takes place in September. Really, I think at this point I could have it next month because I have most of the details down pat. B and I were talking about him graduating from college in a few years and now I want to start looking at ideas for that. I might just start planning our unborn child's first birthday party while I'm at it.

Third on the list is planning the addition we want to build, oh, five to seven years down the road. (I'd totally be fine with building it now, but for some reason people like to get paid so we have to wait until we have enough cash or enough home equity, whichever comes first.) Do I need to decide now on the furniture arrangement for our future living room? No. Have I? Yes.

In my own defense, I was actually productive today. I did laundry, had Yaya vacuum, did dishes, had Yaya also do dishes (because there were that many), worked on the baby blanket I'm (still) crocheting and we went to the zoo. Now, of course, I'll need a few days to recover from my productivity. I think I have some files in my My Documents folder that need organizing.

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