Monday, February 6, 2012

This month's home disaster

We are currently living in this book.


Basically, one night the man (a bachelor, naturally) comes home, makes a big meal and is too tired to wash the dishes so he puts it off until tomorrow. But when tomorrow comes there are even more dishes and he's even more tired, so he keeps not washing the dishes until he's eating out of ash trays and flower pots. This is our life right now. But not because we were too lazy to wash our dishes (although that happens here, too), but because of this.

That is the main drain line from the kitchen. It is clogged. Again. This is the third or fourth time that it has clogged so badly it's had to be snaked from the main cleanout, but this is the first time that the lovely repair the previous owners made has failed. I know, I'm as shocked as you are that duct tape is not the proper way to repair a cracked cast iron pipe. And yes, I just realized they repaired a cracked pipe with duct tape. I think it's better for my sanity if I don't look too closely at certain things around here.

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