Thursday, March 8, 2012

A love/hate day

Today was B's first school day of the semester. As the title says, his school days--especially the first day--are love/hate days for me. I love that he's going to school, as that will eventually mean a better job and more money for us. I hate that he's not at home to help me with the kids, although they were more or less decent today.

Baby Girl helped me make dinner.

Mr. Man kept himself busy watching cartoons.

Yaya was building an armory in the basement, but this picture is him trying to cover the lens. I was trying to capture the face he made when I told him he hadn't done a good enough job sweeping the entryway and had to redo it, which did not please him.

Overall it wasn't a bad day. The kids are more or less in bed now, by which I mean I'm holding a sleeping Baby Girl, Yaya is sleeping and Mr. Man is getting up every few minutes. I think I can bluff that I'm able to punish him (I can't lift him to put him back in bed so let's hope he doesn't call me on it) until B gets home in 45 minutes or so. I'm still not looking forward to when all of his classes have started and he's gone three nights a week.

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